First time I thought “What is TEQs!!?” But after Thaisri staff explained all function details to me. I understand and quite like it. It is better than nothing. Previously after 05.00 P.M. or office hours, I cannot buy insurance or compulsory insurance. But with this TEQs system.. WoW it supports my work a lot. Whenever our clients need to buy insurance or compulsory insurance on the weekend or after office hours, the insurance policy can be suddenly issued. WOW ….It is perfect. !!!

Khun Pattamaporn Chalermklin
Bannue Agent Office

When I heard about TEQS system, Oh no no .. My mind was close. I don’t want to increase any of my task. But ok if I need to use it. I tried to learn, it is very easy, fast, and more convenience. I don’t urge underwriter to issue policy because I can issue it by myself.

Khun Vorapong Pattaraarayasakul
RAMA IX Agent Office

I was glad when I knew that Thaisri will launch TEQs system. The system is easier and fast. I can issue policy, only key information on 1 page. Now I can issue all policy from this system. I can issue it in front of our clients by using mobile application when I am outside and print out it from printer via WiFi then suddenly submit to client.

Khun Nathamon Bumrungsupakij
Prayamonthad Agent Office